The first Czech VR Fest was an important milestone for virtual and augmented reality

Prague hosted the first world-class virtual and augmented reality fest on May 24th and 25th 2017. Veronica McGregor from NASA, Ryan A Bell from Hydro Studios, Masaru Ohnogi from gumi, Amir Abrihami from Unity Technologies and Tomáš Mariančík from Solirax were the biggest stars of the conference.

The Czech VR Fest was the very first virtual and augmented reality event that took a place in our country. Around five thousand people visited the conference and the fest, especially directors and managers from technological, engineering and energy companies and institutions among them – and technologists, marketing specialists and people from universities as well. The billionaire Václav Dejčmar appeared too.

Besides the action fights, the visitors could also see the Torch VR Battleton hackathon final between the two professional VR programmers’ teams. The three-member jury (including also Antonín Míšek from Škoda Auto) announced the Cute Potato team the historical first winner.

Within the framework of the busy program of the conference, the Czech championship final took place in the unique contest of the Czech VR League where the participants with futuristic weaponry battle against alien drones in virtual reality. Josef Ráž aka MCJoe from the VR playroom VR Future was the absolute winner.

The benefits in engineering, education, army, culture, health, and many other industries are indisputable. Many projects created by Czech developers and graphic designers were introduced to the world at the conference. And especially for them the Virtual and Augmented Reality Association comes into being. The Association will link them with investment funds, grants, universities and the private sector, i.e. with all who are looking for fundamental innovations of development, production and business processes. This opens the way for user and investment appreciation of the existing development efforts of the whole Czech environment of virtual and augmented reality.

CZECH VR AGENCY s.r.o., which is behind the Czech VR Fest, is already getting ready for the next year when it will present at-least-of-the-same-quality second year of the VR/AR fest in April. Those interested in exhibiting and lecturing can already apply for the participation via www.czechvrfest.com. A special committee will then select the participants.


Václav Dejčmar

Investor in RSJ algorithmic trading & private equity

VR fest is an intensive event that combines multiple aspects of today's virtual reality phenomenon: from currently available technologies and applications to very specific experiences and philosophical overlaps.

Ryan A Bell

NASA, VR Scout, Hydro Studios

Czech VR Fest was a surprise for me. As an American traveling abroad I was amazed at the talent of the individuals there and the power of the community. Watching that massive community being brought together for the first time was inspiring.