Exhibition 2017

Shape the world to your desires! Try out all the modern technologies for Virtual and Augmented reality at the exhibition part of Czech VR Fest in Prague Holešovice. Let's bend the physical laws together!


SONY - PlayStation

Recognized as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is responsible for the PlayStation® brand and family of products and services. PlayStation has delivered innovation to the market since the launch of the original PlayStation in Japan in 1994. The PlayStation family of products and services include PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®Vita, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Store, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Video, PlayStation™Music, PlayStation™Now, PlayStation™Vue, PlayStation®Original and acclaimed PlayStation software titles from SIE Worldwide Studios. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, SIE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation and has global functions and regional headquarters in California, London and Tokyo.

Škoda Auto

ŠKODA AUTO is an innovative and modern carmaker, as well as the only company in the Czech Republic to both produce and develop. The modern technology center in Mladá Boleslav enables them to come up with innovations that, in the sense of "Simply Clever," can strive to bring its customers closer to the company. Also, thanks to their unique studio of virtual reality that they use for the development and design process, Škoda can efficiently and flexibly develop the most modern and precisely-made cars of the future.


In pursuit of better affordable means of education for everyone, we developed a broad enabling software called Neos. A brand new environment to build and scale any VR/AR social application in a very physical way. Not unlike building real life objects, Neos enables anyone to start creating using simple tangible tools, then optionally continue with more powerful ones and invite co-creators for in-world teamwork. On top of that, Neos makes all apps compatible with any VR/AR hardware*, rapidly reusable and multiplayer by default.

*Unlike other engines, all Neos apps support all hardware Neos itself supports independently of what manufacturer SDKs were available/included at the time of creation.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organizations. BISim develops high-fidelity, cost-effective technologies for tactical military training. They apply game-based technology to a range of breakthrough, military-specific training and simulation software products. BISim has important, enduring contracts to support military organizations including United States Army and United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.


PRESENTIGO Ltd. is a fast-growing Czech-American startup with offices in San Francisco, Prague and Ostrava (investment gained from Rockaway Capital). It deals with the creation of B2B presentations and the development of a custom presentation platform that enriches the classic presentations of 3D and connects them to the sales and marketing functions. Customers include companies such as Foxconn, E.ON, O2, UPC, Jet Set, Linet, Vítkovice and many others. Now PRESENTIGO is also working on VR projects, which brings experience with design presentations and B2B sales and creates professional VR projects for customers mainly among manufacturing companies (so far).

Hyperbolic Magnetism

Hyperbolic Magnetism is a small indie game studio founded by Ján Ilavský and Vladimír Hrinčár and based in Prague. Their first big release, Lums, was launched in 2013 on iOS platform and it showed studio's focus on unique gameplay and great yet simple visual style and even won Česká hra roku 2013 award. Hyperbolic Magnetism made even greater success with Chameleon Run that won Apple Design Award in 2016. Studio is currently working on Beat Saber, which is a soon-to-be-released rhythm slashing VR game.

Technical University of Liberec

The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation is a research centre of the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). Its aim is to contribute to the development of the region, which is traditionally oriented to technical industries. The Institute connects the laboratories of the technical disciplines at TUL and their cooperation with major players in industry. Research programs are focused on areas of material research and competitive engineering with an emphasis on the usability of the research and development results in practice.

Pocket Virtuality

Pocket Virtuality is a privately owned Czech start-up. They focus on developing applications and sophisticated systems for virtual and augmented reality. They are currently focused on development of VR Inspector, a platform for recording and transmitting the physical environment into the virtual reality in real time and for analysis and cooperation of remote users in this environment. Founders of the company are veterans of the gaming industry with 15 years of experience in the field of simulation, computer graphics and mobile marketing. Pocket Virtuality cooperates in the development with Microsoft and nVidia.


International Festival of Animated Films

Anifilm’s mission is to present current trends, methods, technologies and animation techniques in its programme. It also supports works in progress and brand new animation projects and their authors, producers and distributors. Film professionals from all over the world can use Anifilm as a platform for positive confrontation and meeting place for forging new contacts. Anifilm is aimed at authors and film professionals as well as students, educators, film theorists and all fans of animated production, including children. Anifilm also wants to represent the Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region and the town of Třeboň in international context on a long-term basis.

VR Dimension

Virtual reality Center in the center of Prague near Wenceslas Square consists of more than 100m2 of Virtual reality fun. They are the first virtual reality center in Czech Republic with ICAROS VR system. While gaming, groups of friends can enjoy the comfortable spaces with a possibility to watch their friends in game on projection screens. Challenge your friends! Huge selection of singleplayer and multiplayer virtual reality experiences. Amazing atmosphere, ultimate hardware! Enter the dimension of virtual reality!

Bushman Panoramic

Bushman Panoramic je česká firma, založená v malém městě jménem Krnov. Od roku 2010 jsme se zaměřovali zejména na 360° vybavení, které je estetické, lehké, a snadné k použití. Naše produktová řada začíná panoramatickými hlavami, jako je GOBI, KALAHARAI a SANDBUG. Nabízeli jsme jednoúčelové tyče z uhlíkových vláken a stativy pro potřeby VR produkce. Naši zákazníci se profilují celosvětově od široké veřejnosti až po high-endové profesionály s individuálními řešeními.

Jsme čtyřčlenný tým, který pracuje na vývoji 360°panoramatického vybavení. Zaměřujeme se na přinášení nových řešení a skvělých produktů na trh. Věříme, že je to jediný způsob, jak dosáhnout nových technologických řešení. Jsme si vědomi výzev, které jsou spojené s virtuální realitou a jsou pro ni specifické. Když ve finále vydáváme produkt, musí být perfektní a musí zákazníkovi doručit změnu.

Pevně věříme, že musíme zjednodušit proces natáčení 360° záznamů. Na VRFestu představíme poprvé naše tyče z uhlíkových vláken VR-CORE s inovativními řešeními.

Doufám, že se s řadou z vás setkám na VRFestu.

Zakladatel Bushman Panoramic

Torch Entertainment

We can design, produce, license, and distribute VR. Our focus is on entertainment and our guiding principle is premium customer service. Under TORCH VR we proudly offer exclusive localized multiplayer virtual reality escape rooms that do not require controllers, as well as other experiences that are beyond consumer headsets. We know that the experience does not start when you put on the HDMI, so we deliver virtual reality like no one else - which has led to a 5 star rating across our entire online presence. People are looking for the next form of entertainment and we seek to be “All That is Next”.

Czech technical university in Prague

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague will show a face recognition facility with gender and age recognition at its stand and will introduce the participants of the fair to the possibilities of studying attractive disciplines.


Virtoox provides development of customized applications for corporate clients, marketing communication and TV brodcasting/studio. VIRTOOX cooperates closely with XLAB company with broad experience in multimedia integration and visual show.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague is involved in the VR within the virtual reality laboratory HUBRU - HUman Behavior Research Unit. The lab features a combination of CAVE, eyetracking, biofeedback and HTC Vive VR sets. At the beginning of 2017, close cooperation with Solirax was concluded. Their NEOS VR environment is fully utilized for the teaching, research and presentation purposes of the faculty.

Etnetera Group

VR Etnetera Group Studio in conjunction with DRAWetc Visual Studio introduces its concept of the 1st Czech gallery of contemporary art of virtual and augmented reality. The purpose of the gallery is to capture the contemporary art scene with this newly established media and to convey the works to the public. The joint efforts of artists and programmers will create applications for mobile phones as well as for professional VR headsets. Come and see the creation of professional illustrators in virtual reality.


PanoBoard is the leader on the Czech market in the distribution of VR content to the diversified portfolio of clients, primarily by applications in virtual reality and VR headsets of the same name - PanoBoard. Their services also include production of professional 360° videos, virtual tours and subsequent analyst of using of these technologies by heat maps and other indicators that they can properly evaluate, analyze and further optimize for their virtual reality campaigns of their clients.


DIVR Labs is an independent VR gaming studio based in the heart of Europe. Their imaginative team strives to create immersive and exhilarating experiences that challenges and excites its audiences, whilst pushing the VR industry forward. DIVR LAbs focuses on VR-Only experiences for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and hopefully soon PSVR. Their pilot project, Blue Effect, was critically acclaimed throughout the world and gained a much needed respect for the company.

Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague

The case study of Visual Identity for the Horror Film Festival, Masakr, will present the circumstances of creating a studio assignment that was completed during the winter semester of 2016/2017 in the Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the Prague UMPRUM. Why was it important for students to introduce themselves to the world of virtual reality? How does graphic design relate to VR? What does it take to devote a semester to creating VR movies? What were the results and outcomes, and was the students’ effort worth it?

Dream Digital

Digital Dreamer at Dream.Digital

Ten years of high-end photography and retouching has been a great support for his upcoming projects. He co-founded the Silicon Jelly gaming studio, which focused on the development of mobile games. Thanks to the game Mimpi Dreams, programmed in Silicon Jelly along with Michael Berlinger, he has become world-renowned and won the Apple Best Game award in China. He then co-founded the Divr Labs studio, which specializes exclusively on virtual reality games. He has co-authored and programmed Blue Effect VR for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The game has received a great acclaim, so he has finally fulfilled his dream and set up its own Dream.Digital studio, which specializes on educational entertainment games and helps selected companies to make their processes more efficient with augmented and virtual reality. His first project, which he is developing for the first time almost alone, is Bohemia VR. The game maps Czech historical monuments using technology called photogrammetry. Castles and other monuments can be seen in virtual reality even from completely inaccessible places. Traveler in Time "Player" has the task of finding a number of relics in each locality with time travel and teleportation. After scrolling the relics, the player can learn more about these rare items and keep them in their own depository. The whole virtual tour will be accompanied by a raven that can be trained to help search for the relics. The game aims to popularize the history of the Czech Republic in a modern and entertaining way.

However, as the virtual and augmented reality is very young, he decided to popularize it with lectures and founded a YouTube channel where he tries to bring the development of virtual reality to a wider audience.


Virarch is a creative studio that is focusing on the technologies of the future. Our main areas of interest are augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing. We can help you visualize your idea in virtual or augmented reality on PC, web and mobile devices or we can materialize it thanks to the 3D printing.


Lifeliqe je vizuální učební pomůcka využívající interaktivní 3D modely na celé řadě hardwarových a softwarových platforem. Pro virtuální realitu pak představuje Lifeliqe VR Museum: přední výukovou aplikaci navrženou pro výuku přírodních věd ve virtuální realitě na základních a středních školách. Aplikace pro nejpokročilejší VR zařízení HTC Vive studentům umožní prozkoumat na 1000 interaktivních 3D modelů a přenese je do více než 20 fantastických virtuálních světů od podmořského dna po povrch Marsu. Lifeliqe VR Museum je jedna z nejstahovanějších vzdělávacích aplikací pro HTC Vive a skrze vzrušující a pohlcující virtuální prostředí přináší do tříd pozornost, soustředění a zábavu.

Virtual Medicine

Virtual Medicine is a startup that develops a unique medical VR application of Human Anatomy VR. A month after its release for the Samsung GearVR platform, thousands of people in 114 countries from around the world have downloaded it. Virtual Medicine will also introduce you the desktop version for HTC Vive and with help of the VR technology will bring you the secrets of the anatomy of the human body!

Brainz VR

We are a VR agency, producing premium interactive experiences

We provide complex VR services through new media, delivering unique VR experiences from the initial idea to final execution. We introduce to our clients the possibilities of the exciting VR realm and show them the potential that virtual reality bears for the future. We are based in Prague and are part of the digital agency BRAINZ, that focuses on online marketing, digital strategies, and new media. We help brands, from small businesses to large enterprises, build a strong online and social media presence. Our team comprises of highly skilled people, each one an expert in his or her individual professional field, encompassing a wide scope of the up-to-date proficiency levels from the technological to the creative. We don’t complicate. We prefer choosing simple yet sophisticated solutions. We've been in the business for over 10 years, inspired by life, influenced by art, motivated by curiosity and fame.


GrandPano studio is VR B2B content graphic studio company. They focus on creating VR applications for B2B segment with strong focus on Real estate as well as corporation VR aplications and VR microgames. Along with their solution called ALL IN ONE VR platform they offer a wide scale of marketing tools for business around Europe based on VR – creating emotions.


We help our customers with the development and production of the product, from first design through prototype to small-scale production. We have passed our entire development process with our own product and furniture in our stand. Thanks to this, we have acquired unique know-how, the results we will exhibit.

3D printing is the starting point for us and we transform the imperfect 3D printing into a breathtaking product. After visiting our stand you will find out how easy it is to create and produce your own product.

You will leave us full of ideas and enthusiasm.

2Realistic s. r. o.

In our VR applications we emphasize the realistic graphics with increased hardware demands. Our secondary areas of services are the production of interactive and site-specific installations, media production, advertising, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and finally architectural visualizations. 2Realistic s. r. o. has been operating in the media and marketing business since 2008 and now with the arrival of new people and investment in it is coming to life again. It consists of five very different physical and legal entities and is therefore fully based on the cooperation and experience from various fields.